“The name of the business is MexCalli Surf School and my daughter and I met these wonderful folks last May and they gave my daughter surfing lessons all day and were awesome. It was the best day of our whole trip !! These wonderful locals also showed us some hot springs in the jungle and other …oops I should not let too many know or it may be spoiled!!”
— Travelnurse57

“May is a good time to surf and stay in La Saladita or Troncones. Definitely check out Mexcalli and Beto. He is a great person and patient surf instructor. Always smiling! It’s nice to hire a local, too.”
— traveldivaHawaii

“Learning to surf with Beto was amazing. As a total ocean “newbie”, I had zero experience with any kind of wave or the ocean in general. Beto had me up riding in no time at all, and he helped me gain confidence with a totally unfamiliar sport and environment. Thanks Beto!”
–Audrey from Montana

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